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A fairytale region where the Atlantic meets the Pyrénées

The strong traditional culture of the Basque region transcends national borders. It extends into both France and Spain, and has drawn on influences from both to create its own powerful and timeless identity. In France, Basque Country includes three provinces of the Pyrénées-Atlantiques department. La Soule, a wild and mountainous inland region; Basse-Navarre, the mountains and valleys surrounding Saint-Palais; and Labourd, home to the breathtaking Basque Coast which runs from Anglet to Hendaye, through Biarritz and Saint-Jean-de-Luz.

Here on the western edge of Basque Country, life moves at a faster pace but nature is ever-present. Larrun, the region's legendary mountain, towers 950 m over the inland plains. Powerful waves break on the shores, delighting surfers and the abundant marine fauna alike. Pepper from the village of Espelette provides a spicy southern touch. In Basque Country, nothing is ordinary - not even the region's folksongs, sung in the mysterious regional language that gave its name to this exceptional people.

Basque Coast

Seaside sunlight


Basque Country

The mountains and their personality