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Le Café de Paris Hotel in Biarritz…
Bask in beauty and luxury by the ocean!

Hotel de luxe à Biarritz Le Café de Paris

- The journey begins -

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Biarritz: a famously elegant resort

on the sunny Basque Coast.


Le Café de Paris

An ocean-front invitation

The Hotel

A 4-star hotel with personality in Biarritz

Plunge into a sea of colours and flavours!

First, the setting. The superb pedestrian place Bellevue, overlooking the Atlantic and its beaches. There stands Le Café de Paris, the only hotel in Biarritz where all of the rooms offer ocean views, inviting travellers on a relaxing, enchanting, and delicious transatlantic journey. 

Art Deco style...

The hotel's Art Deco style, inspired by one of history's most beautiful ships, the Normandie, creates a cruise-like atmosphere that never gets old. Perfectly located in a calm setting in the heart of Biarritz, the hotel and restaurant offer refined spaces that blend discreet luxury, sleek design, sunlight and high-end services.
Everything you need for a colourful stay between the Atlantic and the Pyrénées.

Within easy reach of Le Café du Paris, you will find a car park, the Centre de Congrès Bellevue conference facility, the casino, sumptuous 19th century villas, a golf course, sandy beaches, surfing spots, sailing... and the Basque Coast in all its splendour.

Face-to-face with the ocean,

Art and the good life in Biarritz

Our Rooms

The Pyrénées-Atlantiques

for an authentic getaway!

Basque Country
The Restaurant Hotel de luxe à Biarritz Le Café de Paris

Panoramic views of

Biarritz's Grande Plage beach

The Restaurant
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